Commercial Property Mold Assessments in Jupiter, FL

What Causes Mold?

Mold is a fungus that can cause serious structural problems for a building and health problems for the building’s inhabitants. Mold is simple for a professional to take care of—if we can catch its presence early enough. Determine whether your business has mold through commercial property mold inspections from Bernhardt Restoration Inc. Contact our office in Jupiter, FL, for assistance in Palm Beach County.

Mold, like all fungi, thrives in a warm, damp environment. Of course, the temperatures and humidity levels in Florida mean that mold is more prone to growing here than it would be in other areas. Typically, your property’s HVAC system should reduce the humidity in your property to a level that mold is less likely to develop in. However, unavoidable events could still leave you with the possibility of mold.

If your property experiences water damage—be it because of a leaky roof, burst pipe, or strong hurricane—then many of the materials that compose your building will become suitable spots for mold to develop. Therefore, when you discover water damage on your property, you need to schedule commercial property mold assessments to determine whether you have mold, the extent of the problem, and the proper steps to correct the deficiencies.

How Do You Detect Mold?

At Bernhardt Restoration Inc., our certified inspectors will interview you about the water damage your property has experienced and inquire about locations that face exposure to moisture for long periods of time. From there, the inspector will perform a visual inspection and utilize instruments to help find mold and moisture that the naked eye cannot see. Not all certification is the same. Bernhardt inspectors are certified by the IICRC which is the standard for the mold industry.

Our inspectors are prepared to use moisture meters and thermal cameras to detect mold in otherwise inaccessible areas of your property. Finding all the mold means that we can get rid of all the mold—making it less likely for the fungus to return again in the near future.


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