Residential Mold Inspections in Jupiter, FL

Many people do not think about mold inspections as part of their regular home maintenance schedule. You may think of maintaining your HVAC unit, plumbing, or electrical system, but regular mold inspections are also important.

At Bernhardt Restoration, Inc., we offer residential mold inspections for those in and around Jupiter, FL. Read on to learn more about instances when you may need a mold inspection and why they are essential.

When Are Home Mold Inspections Needed?

Mold grows in areas with plenty of moisture and warmth. One common place where mold appears is in bathrooms, where steam from hot showers creates the ideal environment. If you notice a moldy smell in your bathroom or even notice spots on the walls or floors around your shower or tub, contact a mold remediation company to inspect your bathroom and remove the mold.

Attics are another common place where mold grows. If your roof is not in its ideal condition, water may leak through the roof, causing water to build up in the attic. If you recently received a rain storm that caused water to leak through your roof and pool in your attic, you have 24-48 hours before the water damage can cause mold growth. Contact a mold remediation company for mold inspections today.

Why Are Home Mold Inspections Important?

The health of you and your family is of utmost importance. Mold can cause serious health concerns, especially when it is left untreated and continues to grow. If you or any of your family members begin to experience trouble breathing or other allergy-like symptoms, you may have mold in your home. Bernhardt Restoration, Inc. is happy to come to your home to inspect for mold and ensure your family’s safety.

For more information, contact Bernhardt Restoration, Inc., by calling (561) 420-9727 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you keep your family safe from mold.