We Care About The Environment

In an era where everyone wants to be "green" or environmentally friendly, BRI is proud to say that we have been operating in this manner ever since the founding of our company in 1994.

Being a family owned and operated business, founder Atilio Bernhardt, is always thinking of ways to provide a safe living environment for his customers’ families, as well as a safe working environment for his employees.(many of which are his own family members). In doing so, BRI selects environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy efficient equipment.  Our technicians are educated in how to properly dispose of liquid and solid waste which may contain harmful chemicals and contaminates which include mold, asbestos, etc.

In addition to operating in a conscious manner ourselves, our technicians often identify and remedy infractions (such as illegal storm water discharges into to sanitary lines) and other inefficiencies (like inadequate storm discharge points which result in sump pumps running more than they should). Beyond those two examples, there are numerous other hidden inefficiencies lurking in and around your home. Customers who employ BRI as a contractor, often find comfort in our environmentally friendly approach.  They witness first hand that we are sincere in maintaining the health and well-being of our clients and the homes in the world we all share.

Our Service Guarantee

We are cooperative and considerate when working with clients. If you have a project you need us to handle, you can trust that we will keep an open line of communication from start to finish. We take a results-driven approach to our projects, which means that we will quickly work to address any problem or concern our clients may have.

Mission Statement

Our family owned and operated business has been providing quality services since 1994. Our goal is to continue serving residential and commercial clients in the Chicago Northshore suburbs, Florida locations of Jupiter, the Keys and Marco Island communities.

Our Teams

Northshore, Illinois



Owner and Founder

The founder and creator of Bernhardt Restoration.

Atilio oversees all company employees and approves all final invoices/estimates. As the final decision maker, Atilio ensures the quality of work and satisfaction of all our clients.



Project Manager

Jorge has an extensive background in plumbing and electrical work.

Jorge's grasp on what is to be accomplished and ability to adapt, has helped him become our top supervisor. Being bilingual, friendly and courteous, Jorge has become a great asset to our team.

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Johanna plans, directs, and coordinates supportive services for BRI.  Maintaining the facility and supervising activities that include record keeping, email distribution, strategic planning, Xactimate estimates, budget management, and operations management.

Jupiter, Florida



Owner & Operator

Mark is the son-in-law of Atilio and the owner for the Jupiter, Florida location. Mark oversees all company operations. He is experienced in indoor air quality and is certified by IICRC as an applied microbial remediator, mold remediation specialist, water damage restoration, as well as Vortex Drying specialist. Mark has also been a licensed Mold Inspector for Illinois and has a Mold Assessor / Inspectors license for Florida.

Operating as: Bernhardt Restoration, Inc., Florida

Mold Assessor / Inspector LIC #MRSA3922

Mold Remediation Specialist LIC #MRSR3400

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Daughter of Atilio and wife to Mark. Noeli plans, directs, and coordinates supportive services for BRI. Noeli is part of maintaining the facility and supervising activities that include record keeping, email distribution, strategic planning, budget management, and operations management.



Owner & Operator

Son of Atilio Bernhardt, Mariano is the Director of the South Florida branch.  Mariano oversees all company operations.  He is experienced in indoor air quality and mold remediation requirements as well as a Vortex Drying Specialist.  

Operating as: MI Painting



Network Coordinator

Kristal joined Bernhardt Restoration, South Florida, in 2007.  She is responsible for assisting BRI with all networking operations.



Project Manager

Ariel Bernhardt, cousin of Atilio Bernhardt, joined Bernhardt Restoration Inc – Chicago in 2001. He since has aided in expanding BRI to South Florida. At this location he is the project manager and is also a Certified Mold Remediation Specialist. Ariel assists with creating Xactimates for each job.



Owner & Operator

Daughter to Atilio Bernhardt, Ariana handles everything from operations management and system implementation to marketing and networking. Ariana is educated in Indoor Air Quality, Vortex Drying Systems, and is a water damage specialist.

Operating as: Lighthouse Restoration

Florida LIC #CGC1525615



Project Manager

Matt has an extensive background in water damage restoration, mold remediation and specialized cleaning.