Indoor Air Quality Testing, Jupiter, FL 33477

Do you know what your duct system looks like? Molds can grow in the crevices of the flex ducting and travel in the lines to the supply vents. Checking the indoor air quality should be done bi-annually as molds can grow behind the scenes, in areas unseen and unnoticed. If these are your air ducts,…

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Water Damage Assessment, Juno Beach, FL 33408

Even with all the snowbird efforts, water being shut off and secured, the home did not have a property management company to monitor the home while the owner was away. Someone outside the home turned the water on improperly and the pressure opened the kitchen sink valve. This is the damage that occurred. Wall to…

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Mold Inspector Near Me, Juno Beach, FL 33408

Human skin cells are a frequently reported biogenic particulate of indoor environments. They have been identified as odor producers, as well as fuel for microbial entities, beyond being a common contaminant of buildings. Over 99 percent of samples collected from both air and surfaces of indoor environments are reported positive for these entities by utilizing…

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Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

A hallway with a bench and large mirror

This homeowner received test results from blood work that contained results of Aspergillus molds. They wanted to check their home for airborne molds and to make sure the air quality levels were within normal ranges. Mold Assessment Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418, mold inspection near me Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418,Mold Mitigation near me Palm…

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Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing, Jupiter, FL 33458

A room with two pool tables and a tripod.

This homeowner has been trying to solve mold issues themselves for some time. Without resolve they turned to the professionals at BERNHARDT’s to source the issues and find answers to better the musty smell and mold issues present within their home. Air quality testing near me Jupiter FL 33458, Mold Assessment near me Jupiter FL…

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Air Quality Testing Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410

A close up of the floor and wall of a house

A search for source is a mold inspectors main concern. An inspection takes the clients area of concern and works their way to areas such as attics, roofs, crawlspaces and others to locate the problem area. The extent of affected materials can travel from source in variety of ways. Air quality testing for mold alone…

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Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing, Jupiter, FL 33458

A kitchen with a table and chairs, a microwave oven and a blender.

This family found mold growth in their HVAC closet and needed help locating the source. They also wanted to make sure that airborne levels were within normal range as a new baby was at home. Bernhardt’s located the issue and inspected the attic space to determine the heat load of the space and why it…

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Residental Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing, Jupiter, FL 33477

A view of the inside of a house from above.

Even builders turn to BERNHARDT Restoration to ensure the mold process is handled properly. This residential estate was undergoing remodeling when various areas throughout the home revealed mold growth beneath crown molding and baseboards. The project was halted to ensure air quality and mold testing was conducted so that proper measures for remediation or restoration…

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