Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

A hallway with a bench and large mirror

This homeowner received test results from blood work that contained results of Aspergillus molds. They wanted to check their home for airborne molds and to make sure the air quality levels were within normal ranges. Mold Assessment Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418, mold inspection near me Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418,Mold Mitigation near me Palm…

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Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing, Jupiter, FL 33458

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This homeowner has been trying to solve mold issues themselves for some time. Without resolve they turned to the professionals at BERNHARDT’s to source the issues and find answers to better the musty smell and mold issues present within their home. Air quality testing near me Jupiter FL 33458, Mold Assessment near me Jupiter FL…

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Air Quality Testing Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410

A close up of the floor and wall of a house

A search for source is a mold inspectors main concern. An inspection takes the clients area of concern and works their way to areas such as attics, roofs, crawlspaces and others to locate the problem area. The extent of affected materials can travel from source in variety of ways. Air quality testing for mold alone…

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Mold Inspection near me, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

A formal dining room with a large wall has cracks on the ceiling.

Photos will have mark-up on them so the client, adjusters and tradesmen involved will have a clear idea of what areas need to be addressed. Also, to better understand the corrections that are required. Mold assessments can come in different forms from different inspectors. Check licensing, education and insurance coverage to make sure you hire…

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Mold and Water Damage, Juno Beach, FL 33408

A close up of the bottom edge of a concrete block.

Block homes in Florida are subject to capillary action. If done right, the exterior should have a moisture barrier, however, the interior does not. If you have a leak or water intrusion within your home the inside of the block wall will need to be accounted for proper drying as capillary action can occur. The…

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Residential Mold Inspection, North Palm Beach, FL 33410

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Roof leak detection and mold inspections with air quality testing helps ensure attic molds have not cross contaminated the envelope of the living space. Relative humidity below 60% helps maintain maintain a healthy environment. Mold Air Quality Testing North Palm Beach FL 33410, Mold Assessment North Palm Beach FL 33410, mold inspections North Palm Beach…

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