How Can You Tell if Your Mold Remediation Is Good Enough for Sensitized Occupants?

Mycotoxin Testing Can Help
mold contamination

October 7, 2021
Michael A. Pinto CSP, CMP, RTPE
KEYWORDS healthy buildings / indoor air quality / mold removal

The horror stories and success stories about mold sensitized individuals flow into Wonder Makers in about equal measure. Time after time consultation clients tell us how bad remediation of fungal contamination in their home or workplace made their health situation substantially worse. In many of these cases the descriptions make it clear that the remediation contractor either did not know, or did not care, about following the current standard of care for mold remediation. Removal of fungal contaminated materials without isolation barriers, personal protective equipment, negative air machines, HEPA vacuums – as well as visible debris in the work area and dust all over after sampling results which purport to show success – are common themes of these descriptions of truly scary restoration efforts. These circumstances make it easy to make a causal connection between environmental exposures and ill health effects.

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