Contractor’s Pyramid

We have many clients calling us to help with their returning mold problems. Remediation companies that have not followed the proper processes and standards of the IICRC S520 or the IICRC S500. Clearance testing and inspections that have not been completed upon remediation completion, steps skip or missed on the inspector’s written protocol. Please do your due diligence in hiring the right company and remediation team. You do not want to be one of these cases where mold issues return and you have to spend even more on deficiencies that should have been corrected the first round. If the company did unsatisfactory work the first time, they certainly won’t meet the standards a second time!
Bernhardt’s is here to help the industry in following the standards of the IICRC and keep your homes indoor environment healthy. You can only choose two from the contractor’s pyramid. Make the right choice.